artistic tables

The idea for this table originated from the search for a marriage between functionality - daily use and aesthetics. Not only as a decorative element, a design piece, but a real and practical framework, providing a daily note of contemplation, a still image. In this sense the plasticity provided by the material has been used, giving  rise to a sort of " bassorilievo"which connects a figurative  chromatic dialogue and to a use of pure matter"subservient to aesthetics". The hidden  heredity of materico "Burri". This substance gives rise to shape and color. So finding its fulfillment in the exaltation of matter, be it sand, plaster or metal elements linked in the aesthetic accuracy created by a previous design study. With the use of resins, the bassorilievo and its three-dimensionality, create an artistic stage on which the resins bringing brightness and transparency to what is at the same time a usable surface. Poor and precious metals fuse to create exclusive interior decorating. Combining art and sign. Creativity, design and organization all feminine declinations used for the creation of ideas and projects in which women are unpredictable protagonists. The Art, and consequently the uniqueness of the representations, is the essential element of our production. Defying the well-established concept of antagonism between art and  function, it creates a union between contemplation and life. The common gesture is permeated with aesthetic value coadjuvant to everyday living.


The phases of each single work are varied and differ for each theme addressed.
They have in common


necessary to arrive to the final work. Mental TIME for conception
TIME for the definition and layering of materials
TIME to get materials of composition: more or less noble metals (gold, silver, copper, bronze, etc.) semi-precious stones, marbles, antique finds.
TIME to combine the diversity of treatment of materials
TIME to casting and leveling the RESINS for several times, at this stage the weather factor becomes determinant.
TIME to smoothen and Polish

Work on project and customizations

Our personal technique of realization involves the use of high strength RESINS.
This gives durability to the various inclusions used.
The production can be adapted to custom design for different sectors of furnishing:
desks for hotel facilities, restaurants, professional offices desks, conference tables, vertical decorative elements such as doors, space's partitions, wood paneling inserts.
We are at your disposal to analyze with you furnishing solutions.

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